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The Skys - Colours of the Desert

Lithuanian rock band The Skys is the leading Lithuanian rock scene band. It is also the most recognized Lithuanian band abroad. After frequent changes in line up The Skys are: Jonas Čiurlionis– vocals and lead guitar Božena Buinicka – keyboards and vocals Aleksandr Liutvinskij– rhythm guitar Justinas Tamaševičius– bass Ilja Molodcov - drums The band released four albums: “Civilized” (1997), “Dreams” (1999), “Postmodern Game” (2004) and “Colours of the Desert” (2011). The last one featuring: Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters band) – guitar; John Young (ex-Scorpions, Bonnie Tyler) – keyboards, bac vocs, producer; Snake Davis (Eurythmics, P.McCartney, Ray Charles, James Brown, etc.) – sax; Martin Beedle (Cutting Crew, Sarah Brightman, etc) – drums; Tony Spada (Holding Pattern) – guitar; Anne Marie Helder (Mostly Autumn, Panic Room) – bac voc. The Album recorded in Mamas Studio (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Liscombe Park Studios (London, UK) famous for Uriah Heep and Asia recordings. Mixed by Steve Rispin (Tina Turner, Elton John, Asia, Tankard, etc) The band had many solo gigs and participated in various festivals in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Austria etc.. The Skys shared the stage with Blues Brothers, The Exploited, Delirium, John Young Band, Arena… Band has many international awards including “Best International band“ at New York International Music Festival 2004, USA. In 2012 The Skys music received TV and radio airplay on hundreds of radio stations across Europe, USA and Canada with interviews in Netherlands, Poland, UK and “album of the week” in Austria, A-listed in Norway, 12 weeks at top 30 charts in Poland.In 2012 Many high quality press articles were published about the band in all major Lithuanian newspapers. The Skys album reviews showed up in USA, Canada and Europe receiving very high evaluation.In 2012 the album was rereleased on Out of the Box Records and in 2013 the album exclusively rereleased for German Market via Dr. Music Records In 2012 The Skys got 9 Awards at various Polish Festivals. In 2011 The Skys signed a publishing contract with Apollo Live. In 2010 The Skys signed exclusive digital distribution deal with Cinderella Records. In 2004 The Skys were signed to Sutaras Record label for album “Postmodern Game”. In 2001 The Skys made a musical theatre performance “Civilized” which was presented in one of the biggest theatres in Vilnius – Jaunimo Teatras. And we always express special gratitude to our friends and supporters Guillaume Cazenave, John Young, Krzysiek Jester Baran, Adam Drozdzik as well as others without whose support we wouldn’t be what we are.

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