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Parable about Apasz the Villain

Tekst - Stanisław Grzesiuk Son street, cursed apache, ruffian, Who from an early age Fright sowed, rob, steal, Until snare beautiful charming urchins ran. About it fought a bloody battle with thugs, The haunts her brought her And, dripping with blood, he whispered softly: "I want to live for you, for you or steal, For you to fight with the whole world, For you, when the time comes, I will agree feed I bend down before the executioner's neck. You are my faith and my god, Without you, the world is gray. Sold his soul for you, Soul Hard, poor soul. " A clever wench with faces full of beauties, Seeing that the robber knew his job, She overcame his fear I went love, but her heart - cold rock. Sent every night after loot it, He though he risked, but steal. Jewels enduring her softly whispered like this: "For you, I want to live ..." When the scarf already had enough resources Annoyed her apache-robber She brought a swarm Den of spies on a dark night. There handcuffed him in handcuffs during sleep. Ina noose robber went after death. Disregarding her laugh, he whispered softly: "For you I wanted to live, for you can steal ..."

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